Our own creations

The goal with Achieved is to build a simple tool that can be implemented at a team or organization level and gives a way for individuals to share what they are up to at a detail level suitable for any function in an organisation. Thanks to this tool we want to give a dashboard where everyone in an organisation can connect and see what other do and what is their contribution to the company goals.

We also noticed that many team have their own task / project tools but none are shared across a complete organisation which is building useless silos. That's why we want to offer integrations with tools such as Asana, Todois, Jira, etc. to help team be more transparent on their activities.

This is also seen by certain manager and business owners as a good way to have a pulse of the organisations and see what people do on a daily basis.

Here are few example of our most active users so far:

- Company organizing huge events

- Innovation team in an Insurance

- Fully remote teams: lobbyist, marketing & sales

- Startups

Use cases

Remote teams: when people work remotely, it's very difficult to keep track of what people are up to. This is especially true when they work in different time zones. Achieved helps individuals to share their point of focus and their daily achievements.

Startups & fast growing organisations: when your environment is continuously changing, communication and alignment are key. Yet, teams and individual, in stress situation, tend to focus on themselves and communicate less and less. Achieved helps  organisations to break this negative spiral through a simple 30 seconds checkin - checkout habit.

Technological companies: In the race for technology, teams tend to use more and more tools. Most of them are not shared across the organization. This is even more true for productivity tools. This situation tends to create communication silos that make work inefficient and generate many frustrations. Achieved aims to break this down with a transversal tool that is easy to use and fits all businesses.