Product Manager


Product Management

As Product Manager, you'll be building features and improvements, taking part in product strategy and creating a great user experience, by solving a wide range of problems.

Product development is a collaborative effort between engineering, design, operations and other key functions. You'll be joining a group of experienced Product Managers with a track record of successfully building large-scale business and consumer products.

⛳️ Your responsibilities

- Building products and features: You’ll work with Engineering, Design and other teams and to conceive, design and develop market-leading products that fit our users' needs.

- Creating value: We're looking for Product Managers who obsess with delivering value to our users, by articulating complex problems, setting a compelling vision and driving the outcome.

- Building knowledge: earning is a core values. You'll be in charge of building expertise in your product area, by combining customer research, analytics and market analysis.

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🏅About You

- Problem solver: You have strong problem-solving skills. You obsess with coming up with the best possible solutions to fit our users' needs.

- Tech fluency: You are constantly curious to understand how things work. You are able to navigate in a technical environment.

- Make an impact: You’re motivated by the opportunity to improve the lives of customers.

- Insight-driven: You have a desire for becoming an expert on a given topic, combining customer focus, analytics, and market insights.

- Communication & collaboration: You have strong written and verbal communication skills with a talent for precisely articulating customer problems.

- Driving outcomes: You know how to coordinate projects and bring them to life with strong attention to detail.

- Languages: You have excellent English communication skills to engage with all team members within the company.

- Experience: You have 2+ years of experience in a product role.

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