From a simple book recommendation to an on site training or a long term product management role, we cover it all.

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We never settle for dumb ass or half-baked solutions, We are constant challengers for the sake of good products... but they don't have to be perfect either, we always aim for a calculated 80/20 approach.

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A track record of successful projects



Sprouts & Microgreens Seeds Delivered To Your Doorstep



Achieved is a team progress tracking tool that helps companies build alignment and transparency



Elium is knowledge sharing platform used by large companies across the globe.

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We're a group of senior hands on professionals with a vast network of expert. Whatever is your challenge we'll cover your back.


With more than 10 years experience leading Product Management & Marketing teams in various company size and industry, we can help you (re)shape your strategy and implement it.


We know how challenging it can be to run a business and do recruiting at the same time. We also how difficult it is to hire highly skilled professionals. We got your back.


Our product management experience and our extended developer network makes use the partner to validate your hypothesis and build impactful MVP.